September 14-15, 2016 GSVlabs, Silicon Valley, USA

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20 Billion Reasons

20 Billion Reasons

At the GSV Pioneer Summit we are building a community of the most ambitious entrepreneurs and investors in the world.
We’ll convene in Silicon Valley September 14-15 to dive deep into our passion for what’s next

Diane Keng

When most teenagers were just studying for classes or hanging out at the mall, Diane was busy building her startup. By 18 she had landed on an idea, MyWEBoo, that earned her significant media attention and a $100,000 investment. This Silicon Valley native then went on earn a computer science degree at Santa Clara and land software engineer jobs for both Apple and Symantec.

In her most recent venture, Breinify, she’s building an AI engine that infers real-time predictions specific to each user. This is marketing gold to businesses because they can advertise products based on current relevancy, not past behaviors.

Diane will be giving a Founder Talk at this year’s GSV Pioneer Summit. Founder Talks were a crowd favorite in 2015, as they were like a glimpse into the future. We can’t wait to look into that crystal ball again this year.

Joe Lonsdale

Growing up, Joe was a two-time scholastic chess champion. To win in chess, you have to think many moves ahead and understand how the landscape could change with every move. That part of Joe’s life hasn’t changed much. He co-founded Palantir after the events of 9/11 to help the country use data to provide better security. Palantir ($20 billion valuation) was a big data company before people even knew what big data was. Since then, Joe has founded and invested in numerous breakthrough companies. He invested in Oculus before almost anyone had even tried on a virtual reality headset or could explain what VR really was.

We are delighted to welcome Joe to the GSV Pioneer Summit where he will outline the next major moves in the technology game in a fireside chat with GSV co-founder & CEO Michael Moe.

Gary Swart

Gary Swart was on the leading edge of the gig economy. Before there was Uber, before there was TaskRabbit, there was oDesk, where Gary served as the CEO for almost nine years. During Gary’s tenure, oDesk had 10 million freelancers working for three million companies around the world. And he walked the walk–oDesk had three full-time equivalent freelancers working on its own platform for every full-time employee. He was a leading voice for the future of work and led the company through a successful merger with Elance (now Upwork).

Gary has since joined the venture capital world as a general partner at Polaris Ventures investing in disruptive digital companies. We look forward to Gary’s participation at the GSV Pioneer Summit as he leads a discussion on the future of work and how to hire and manage teams.

These are just 3 of our amazing speakers.
Meet dozens more here.

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