September 14-15, 2016 GSVlabs, Silicon Valley, USA

2016 Companies

  • 3Scan


    3Scan’s patented “Knife Edge Scanning Microscope” (KESM) brings together elements of machine vision, automated serial sectioning, micromachining, and advanced optics. We combine this with customized software to enable high throughput and quantitative image analysis of tissue-scale diseases such as cancer. Our goal is to turn tissue biology and histopathology into a data science in order to translate these discoveries into new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

  • Acre Designs
  • Actev Motors
  • Akala


    AKALA is on a mission to change the college admissions process and allow each student to reach his or her full potential.

    Each year, acceptance rates at colleges in the US drop substantially. Both the number and quality of applicants are on an upward trend, and schools cannot meet the increased demand, forcing them to reject qualified applicants. In each student lies the potential to earn admission the university of their dreams and thrive there. However, the difficulty lies in showcasing this potential through one’s high school experience and college applications.

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  • Andela
  • Angaza


    Angaza’s Pay-As-You-Go technology platform enables businesses in emerging markets to extend flexible solar payment plans to the billion individuals without access to grid electricity. Our solution allows manufacturers and distributors to expand their customer base and access data–driven market insights. We are redefining how off-grid energy products are purchased, financed, and monitored. Today, distributors across Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Latin America use Angaza’s platform to offer end-user financing for solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar water pumps, and other life-changing products.

  • Aspiration
  • Assist
  • Augury


    Augury brings internet-age technologies into the maintenance world and combines them with the gold-standard practices of Predictive Maintenance. Ideal for use in factories, commercial buildings and even homes, our platform enables facility owners and service companies to deploy quick, cost-efficient and scalable predictive maintenance strategies that reduce environmental impact, energy usage and operational costs.
    Augury is working with the largest HVAC manufacturers such as Johnson Controls, Trane and Grundfos – in order to build the mechanical diagnostics platform of the Internet of Things.

    Augury is headquartered in NYC with an engineering site in Haifa, Israel.

  • Automatic
  • Bagaveev


    Bagaveev is a rocket company that will open space and Low Earth Orbit to startups to innovate on, by launching nanosatellites (small satellites buildable by 3-5 man startup teams) once a week.
    Space is an untapped resource for big data, swarm and artificial intelligence, fastest global communications, safe data storage, broadcasting, Earth mapping and many other applications, that will become available when Bagaveev is orbital.

  • Bidgely


    Bidgely is transforming the way customers interact with their energy use. By combining the power of SaaS-based analytics with consumer-friendly web and mobile applications, Bidgely provides personalized and actionable insights that help customers save energy and enable utilities to build enduring customer relationships. The company works with utilities serving residential customers around the world. For more information, please visit

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  • Biggerpan
  • BoostInsider
  • Branch


    Branch provides the most complete deep linking solution for brands to create an optimized mobile user experience that drives app growth, conversions, as well as user engagement and retention. With Branch, app content becomes searchable, discoverable shareable, and easy to integrate into any marketing channels like email, SEO, social media, and paid SEM. Branch’s powerful deep linking technology automatically incorporates the most valuable user experience, the native app, across all traditional marketing campaigns. Branch powers deep links for more than 10,000 partners and 1.4 billion users across the globe.

  • Breinify
  • Build Academy

    Build Academy

    Build Academy is a New York based startup, providing professional education and solutions for the building industry: architecture, real estate, engineering, construction and building products. Its mission is to improve people’s lives by building a better world through educating professionals, companies and governments to build better.

  • Calm


    Calm’s mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place. The heart of our business is the Calm app that teaches meditation and mindfulness. We recently launched a book and have plans to expand the brand in many new ways. We’re currently a small team based in San Francisco but have big ambitions to make a positive impact on a global scale.

  • Careerlark
  • ClosetClicks
  • Cor
  • Data Monsters
  • Digisight
  • Edukit
  • ELSA


    ELSA is the world’s smartest A.I. assistant for 1.5 billion language learners world-wide to improve pronunciation and reduce accent, powered by proprietary speech recognition, and deep learning technology.

  • Errandzap
  • eSportsfanz
  • EvoBooks
  • Fit3D
  • FLEX


    The Flex Company is the leader in innovation for feminine care, and the sole maker of menstrual discs. Menstrual discs are the first product innovation in feminine hygiene in nearly a century and offer 12 hours of leak-free period protection and mess-free period sex. Today women in over 40 countries use their patented menstrual disc products, FLEX™ and Softcup®. 9 in 10 women permanently switch to a menstrual disc after trying it for the first time, and to date more than 250 million menstrual cups have been sold and distributed worldwide. Founded in 2015, The Flex Company is in Venice Beach, California, and a part of Amplify.LA and Y Combinator. The Flex Company is female founded, owned and led and believes in a world where every woman loves her body. Learn more at

  • Grub Market

    Grub Market

    GrubMarket’s mission is to change the world by making it easy for food producers of any scale and buyers to connect and share food, by supplying fresh, locally-sourced, healthy food with affordable prices and convenient delivery.

  • Haven


    Haven is the automated trade technology platform to quote, book, and track shipments with the world’s leading providers. 90% of all physical goods in the world are shipped in a container, and nearly all of those shipments are arranged via email and phone. Haven’s online platform removes barriers in the shipping industry and radically reduces risk, giving customers a more responsive, nimble supply chain.

  • HiQ


    Among the world’s leading brands, people analytics has become essential in the fight to retain top talent. hiQ makes it easy for anyone to use advanced people analytics to more effectively engage – and retain – their best people. A fast-to-implement, easy-to-use subscription technology, hiQ pinpoints who is at risk and where to invest across an entire knowledge workforce.

  • InMusik
  • Joey
  • Kyndi


    At Kyndi, we’re pushing the limits of what is possible with computers. We believe the world’s hardest problems can be solved when human creativity and resourcefulness are complemented by intelligent machines. Inspired by our customers and the individuals working hard to positively impact the world, we’ve developed fundamental advancements in the science and engineering of intelligent machines to support their efforts. From turbocharging climate change research to enabling computer vision, we bring our capabilities to bear on the world’s hardest problems.

  • L2O
  • LendStreet
  • Loom Systems
  • Lumiata


    Lumiata is a predictive analytics company that leverages medical artificial intelligence to enable health organizations to manage risk and prioritize care. The Lumiata Medical Graph analyzes hundreds of healthcare data sets within the context of clinical practice and the world’s medical knowledge, and maps out insights on current and future health trajectories of individuals. Founded in 2013 and based in Silicon Valley, Lumiata’s team is comprised of clinicians, data scientists, and experts in care delivery. For more information, visit or follow @lumiata.


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  • Lumo Bodytech

    Lumo Bodytech

    Founded in 2011, Lumo Bodytech has developed a technology platform that leverages smart sensors and software to optimize performance and address human biomechanics through real-time tracking of body movement. Our current products include the Lumo Lift and Lumo Back posture coaches and activity trackers, as well as Lumo Run, a sensor technology that measures and coaches you on running form.

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  • Lumoid


    Lumoid is a Y Combinator-backed online retailer that offers a try-before-you-buy service for various gadgets, including drones, wearables and photography gear.

  • Maven Research

    Maven Research

    Maven makes you smarter. We’ve built the fastest and easiest way to connect and consult with knowledgeable people all over the world. Created by three guys who were tired of making critical business decisions with imperfect expertise (knowing somebody out there could help them if they could just find them quickly and consult with them), our platform delivers expertise on demand to professionals in every industry and powers knowledge networks for some of the world’s largest companies. Need faster insights so you can make smarter decisions? Maven can help.

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  • Metasensor
  • Modular Robotics
  • Moti
  • Nauto


    Nauto — the Palo Alto-based autonomous vehicle technology company — is a deep learning system and network that connects fleet managers, insurers, commercial vehicles and drivers to make roads safer and helps businesses run more effectively. At Nauto’s core: an artificial intelligence system that constantly learns from drivers and events in real time, allowing managers to gain a precise, comprehensive view of a fleet’s activity. Nauto’s Vision Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) scoring and individualized coaching recommendations enable human drivers to improve their performance. The system’s easy-to-install camera, smart sensors and cloud-based network analyze driver behavior, vehicle activity, as well as environmental and road conditions. Nauto is the most precise, easiest, fastest and most comprehensive approach to making an entire fleet smarter and safer. The company is located in Playground Global Studio, where they are developing Nauto’s products and deploying them to professional fleet and insurance industry customers. More information about Nauto is available at on on Facebook, LinkedIn and @Nautodriver on Twitter.

  • Neurotrack
  • Novel Effect
  • Perseus
  • Pilotly


    Pilotly enables media publishers to run digital focus groups at scale with precise audience segmentation. Our research solution is composed of a multi-platform video portal / APIs, interactive engagement tools for viewers, and dynamic reporting for clients. Our platform collects viewer data and displays it instantly to an online dashboard.

  • Piqued
  • Planet Murple
  • Pneubotics
  • Reflektive
  • Resoltz
  • Sensely
  • Shared-X
  • Singularity Networks

    Singularity Networks

    Singularity Networks was founded to empower your enterprise with a real­time view of your entire network; regardless of your infrastructure. Our software platform provides your operations organization instant access to the data most important to them: from the junior operator using our visual interface to troubleshoot an issue to the senior engineer using our API to enhance their own solutions.

  • SpaceVR
  • Sprogs
  • Starship Technologies
  • StudentVox
  • Sweet Loren’s
  • Swift Navigation

    Swift Navigation

    Swift Navigation provides centimeter-accurate positioning for agriculture, drones, and construction, anywhere on Earth. Our products deliver 100 times better accuracy than the GPS in your cell phone – at a tenth of the price of the competition. Swift Navigation is enabling a world where fields farm themselves, drones fly safely, and humans lay the foundations of the future.

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  • Swivl
  • Table
  • Tapcentive


    Tapcentive’s game card platform allows marketers, gaming operators, and lottery operators to create unique, exciting, and secure mobile games using patent-pending “game-in-a-card” technology. The cards that fit in your wallet are the equivalent of a portable slot machine. Consumers use their mobile phone to play with the cards, offline, anytime, anywhere. The platform combines bank-grade security and processing that enable the awarding of prizes from small dollar to millions of dollars without fear of fraud. If you’re a marketer, gaming operator, or lottery operator fighting to get your customer’s attention with their phone, a game card with your brand on it gives you the edge you need. For consumers, it’s the excitement of knowing that the game card in their hand may be the key to a big win. All they have to do is unlock it with their phone and they can play again and again. Come see a demo of Tapcentive’s game cards in action to experience something you didn’t even know was possible with mobile – guaranteed.

  • TARA


    Whether you’re launching a new website, a mobile app, or anything in between, TARA will assign your team of pre-screened contractors, to make your next big idea a reality.

    Built by veteran recruiters and machine learning engineers, TARA is an always-on member of your team. TARA activates via chat for your next assignment, and hires verified experts from a network of 50,000 contractors. For every project, you receive one fixed quote; no more back and forth negotiating on hourly fees, or technical specs.

  • Thync
  • Timelooper
  • Tissue Analytics
  • TownSquared


    Townsquared was founded in late 2013 by Rohit Prakash and Nipul Patel, who grew up in small business families. Townsquared is the only online community and mobile app specifically designed to help neighborhood businesses be more successful by connecting them to other businesses and local resources. When businesses join Townsquared, they get access to a vibrant community that works together on crime and safety issues, provides neighborhood updates, gives them the ability to form partnerships and co-sponsor events, and organize efforts around government initiatives.

    Townsquared works with thousands of small businesses across the country and continues to grow and expand into new markets. The company has raised $16.4M in total funding from Floodgate, August Capital, Sierra Ventures, Intuit and more. The Townsquared community can be found at and via the Apple App Store.

  • ULTRA Testing

    ULTRA Testing

    “The ULTRA team delivered a level of QA (quality assurance) that I have never seen in my 14 years of web development, and this year, we’ve had fewer issues with our platform than we’ve ever had before. Working with ULTRA was a no brainer” – Steve Marchese, Executive Producer of the Webby Awards.

    Founded by two MIT engineers in 2012, ULTRA Testing is a New York based technology company that provides high quality, highly responsive software testing services. We deliver consistently superior results through onshore teams that include individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and similar Autism Spectrum profiles, who can have heightened abilities that are an exact match for software testing, e.g. pattern recognition, attention to detail, tolerance for repetition.

    We couple our testers with seasoned technology project managers who work seamlessly with client teams, making it effortless to use ULTRA’s services. Our teams are 100% onshore, can be rapidly deployed, and consistently extend bug detection rates for clients, freeing up valuable internal resources while minimizing reputational risks and costly delays.

    ULTRA’s innovative business model has gained wide media attention, and our services have been engaged by top tier agencies (e.g. Droga5, Razorfish), media companies (e.g. NBCU/Bravo, Viacom/Nickelodeon), brands (e.g. Citi, Prudential) and enterprise solution providers (e.g. Sparta Systems, TekServe). We’ve successfully completed fast-turnaround projects as well as been deployed on long term engagements through retained ULTRA Testing teams.

    For brands, agencies and developers requiring consistently high quality software testing, ULTRA provides a highly responsive, competitively priced onshore service. For the 3.5 million Americans on the Autism Spectrum, 80% of whom are not employed, ULTRA provides an opportunity to excel at their jobs in a working environment designed to fully utilize their exceptional talents.

  • Vinsight


    Vinsight is an application that aggregates geospatial data, weather data, and sensor based data to provide the wine industry with analytics for what is happening on the vine. Our goal is to improve yield and revenue for grape growers while providing insight and transparency to other areas of the value chain.

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  • Vinsight
  • Vrenergy
  • Watership Blue
  • Wearsafe
  • WeSpire


    WeSpire provides corporations with a technology platform to design, run and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives. On WeSpire, employees from around the world participate in sustainability, volunteering, health and wellness, corporate culture, diversity inclusion, recognition and other custom programs. These programs encourage employees to take actions that are good for them, good for the company and good for the world we live in.

    For more information, visit, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Wonder Workshop

    Wonder Workshop

    Wonder Workshop was founded in 2012 by Vikas Gupta, Saurabh Gupta and Mikal Greaves, a team of inventors, designers, programmers and parents sharing a mission to make coding a new creative tool that is accessible for children from age six and up. After releasing its award-winning Dash & Dot robots in 2014, and company has since earned endorsements from Bill and Melinda Gates and several industry accolades including Good Housekeeping’s Toy of the Year Award in 2015.

    Today, Dash & Dot robots are used in more than 7,000 elementary school classrooms around the world, and are sold in six major retailers in the U.S. and Canada including Apple stores, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, in addition to the Wonder Workshop website. Children in more than 37 countries are using Wonder Workshop to ignite curiosity and confidence through play while learning essential 21st century skills. Every fall, Wonder Workshop hosts Wonder League, a worldwide community of clubs inspiring the creators of tomorrow through robotics and coding. Learn more about the San Mateo, CA-based company by visiting

  • Zeal Learning
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