September 9-10, 2020 GSVlabs, Silicon Valley, USA

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Big Ideas are Taking Flight at the GSVlabs Pioneer Accelerator

Big Ideas are Taking Flight at the GSVlabs Pioneer Accelerator

By Jon Jones

Global Silicon Valley (GSV) is all about the game-changing entrepreneurs who take no prisoners, defy the odds and wake up every morning with the vision to conquer an industry. It is the early-stage founders, fighting for their first funding that drive the magical atmosphere of Silicon Valley. That is why we are so excited to introduce the 15 Pioneer Accelerator startups presenting at this year’s GSV Pioneer Summit.

From AI-powered search, to a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign for smart mirrors, to harvesting energy from the earth’s vibrations, these startups are tackling big ideas.

PA Demo Day 1

Earlier this year Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited Silicon Valley looking for inspiration for Indonesia’s growing Digital Economy. Leaders from GSVlabs and Google were among the speakers providing some of that inspiration. The timing was serendipitous. GSVlabs was looking to launch an early stage accelerator in Silicon Valley and the Google Developer’s Launchpad team was looking for a partner to bring their successful program to the United States, creating an opportunity to jointly build a world class accelerator that would attract the best teams from around the world. From that meeting, the GSVlabs Pioneer Accelerator partnership with Google Developer’s Launchpad was born.

Out of hundreds of applicants, fifteen teams were selected to participate in the program. The teams brought an amazing diversity of perspectives and experiences to the program, with women founders representing over half of the companies. These teams went through an intensive Google Developer’s Launchpad bootcamp as part of twelve weeks of growth support, mentorship and technology resources.

PA Demo Day 3

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the breakthrough progress of the Pioneer Accelerator teams. The Accelerator program will culminate in a demo day at the Pioneer Summit, the conference for breakthrough innovation and game-changing entrepreneurs. The Pioneer Accelerator teams will demo and pitch on the Trailblazer Stage the first day of the event, Wednesday, September 14th at 3:00pm. Teams will also have demo tables hosted throughout the day. We hope to see you there!

Keynotes at the Pioneer Summit include Nikesh Arora, Craig Venter, Joe Lonsdale, Ann Miura-Ko and Ron Johnson. For full details visit
PA Demo Day 4

GSVlabs is a premium global innovation platform for startups, corporations, and lifelong learners seeking innovation and growth. GSVlabs aims to solve society’s largest challenges through coaching, connectivity, and access to capital. A highly curated, immersive experience brings together the brightest minds from all over the Global Silicon Valley. Its Silicon Valley campus houses 170 startups and partners, and connects leaders, luminaries, and change makers across key verticals including EdTech, Big Data, Sustainability, Entertainment and Mobile. GSVlabs also houses three accelerators including ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women, Core Labs Game Accelerator, and GSVlabs’ Pioneer Accelerator with Google Launchpad.

About Google Developer’s Launchpad Our mission is to provide you with the technology, events, online resources, expertise and community necessary to launch and scale successful apps. The Launchpad program leverages Google’s infrastructure, together with UX reviews, mentorship, and events, to let startups anywhere focus on building, distributing, and monetizing your app, everywhere.

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