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Blake Scholl, Pilot and Entrepreneur, to Speak at GSV Pioneer Summit

Blake Scholl, Pilot and Entrepreneur, to Speak at GSV Pioneer Summit
Photo by Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Supersonic passenger flight is the goal of Blake Scholl, the CEO and founder of Boom. We are so excited to have him speak at the GSV Pioneer Summit about how technology can fundamentally change travel.

Boom wants to make supersonic business flights a reality in the near future–going from New York to London in less than 3.5 hours and for the same price as a regular business class ticket ($5000). The planes are projected to travel at Mach 2.2, which is 1,451 mph. Ultimately, Boom wants to make supersonic flight available to everyone. They are currently building prototypes and project test flights late next year.

Previously, Blake founded Kima Labs, a mobile technology company and sold it to Groupon. He also established an ran the automated advertising team at Amazon. He has a BS in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

The GSV Pioneer Summit is a two-day technology conference (September 14-15, 2016) in the heart of Silicon Valley that is focused on the people and companies building tomorrow’s industries. The Pioneer Summit convenes a global community of daring entrepreneurs and connects them with leading growth investors and global corporations who can help scale their efforts. GSVlabs in Redwood City, California will host the 2015 GSV Pioneer Summit. Buy tickets now to reserve your place.


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