September 14-15, 2016 GSVlabs, Silicon Valley, USA

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Don’t Miss the Future

Don’t Miss the Future
Ron Johnson, creator of the Apple Store and Genius Bar (and 2015 Pioneer Summit keynote speaker), certainly did not miss the future.

The GSV Pioneer Summit’s mission is to accelerate transformative ideas. We do this by curating and bringing together some of the most ambitious founders, investors and leaders in the world.

Why is Tesla valued at 18x the price/earnings ratio of General Motors?

Because a Tesla gives you the ability to drive 270 miles per charge and you can recharge your car in the time it takes to grab lunch.

General Motors, in contrast, spends over $7.2 billion per year on R&D, and the net result has been the Cadillac ELR, which will take you 35 miles on a charge.

Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche offered the following response to a question about his company’s plans to develop self-driving cars:

“An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road.”

But in an age of exponential ideas, an iPhone does belong on the road. Cars are computers. Google, Apple, and Tesla all get it.

Porsche was once a flagship for innovation excellence, hailing from a country that prides itself on superior engineering. But the rules have changed.

Linear ideas are going nowhere, fast.

What we know is that the companies who are currently leaders of industry may not be a decade from today and many of the largest companies of tomorrow haven’t even been started yet.

We are excited the hear PayPal Chairman and former eBay CEO John Donahoe and the President of JetBlue Technology Ventures Bonny Simi speak about leading great, big companies through dynamic market transitions.

The beauty of the Pioneer Summit is that these corporate leaders will be speaking alongside early stage companies looking to disrupt incumbents and build incredible companies of their own. A few examples are the founder and CEO of Boom (supersonic jets) Blake Scholl, the founder and CEO of TARA(artificial intelligence-powered work platform) Iba Masood, founder and CEO ofAspiration (digital investment platform) Andrei Cherny, and dozens more companies that we believe have a shot at becoming the biggest companies of tomorrow.


Top 10 Companies by Market Value, 2000 vs 2015

At the GSV Pioneer Summit we are building a community of the most ambitious entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

We’ll convene in Silicon Valley September 14-15 to dive deep into our passion for what’s next.

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