September 14-15, 2016 GSVlabs, Silicon Valley, USA

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Nadir Bagaveyev, Founder of Bagaveev Corporation and Aerospace Tech Explorer, to Speak at GSV Pioneer Summit

Nadir Bagaveyev, Founder of Bagaveev Corporation and Aerospace Tech Explorer, to Speak at GSV Pioneer Summit
Nadir Bagaveyev Pioneer Summit 2016

It’s 2016 and space is still vastly unexplored. However, technology is moving at an extremely fast rate, and thanks to innovators like Nadir Bagaveyev, it won’t stay that way for long. Nadir is the founder and chief designer of Bagaveev Corporation, a space startup specializing in launching nanosatellites to vastly reduce the barrier of entry and cost of space exploration. We look forward to exploring the future of space technology with Nadir.

Nadir has extensive industry experience as an engineer specializing in propulsion design. He has previously worked at XCOR Aerospace, Masten Space Systems, Dynawerks, and is a retired US Army officer in air defense artillery.

He graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. in aerospace engineering and a Master’s degree, aerospace engineering from Purdue University.

The GSV Pioneer Summit is the conference for breakthrough innovation and game-changing entrepreneurs. Pioneer Summit is two-day technology conference (September 14-15, 2016) in the heart of Silicon Valley that is focused on the people and companies building tomorrow’s industries. The Pioneer Summit convenes a global community of daring entrepreneurs and connects them with leading growth investors and global corporations who can help scale their efforts. GSVlabs in Redwood City, California will host the 2016 GSV Pioneer Summit. Buy your ticket now to reserve your place.

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